We would like to thank everybody who has generously and graciously contributed their time and skills to help make the Earth Rights Walker’s journey possible. To all those who have been part of a talk, contibuted thoughts and ideas, provided a bed to sleep on, warm food, hugs and humour and walked alongside me along the way, I thank you.
The list of those who continue to support this journey is too long to list in its entirety, however we would like to thank the wonderful people who’s gift have helped lighten the load.

pozu To Sven and the team at Po-zu who create fantastic footwear and gifted me my beautiful walking shoes upon landing in the UK. So comfortable and so light I can’t think of wearing anything else.

To Ian at 3Difm for my GPS watch and ensuring I learn a sense of direction.

To Chris and Delmo for my Drink Safe water carrier no girl should be without, especially on this journey. Thankyou.

To the wonderful Vicky for keeping Bascamp running.