vicksVicky Tinker – Basecamp 

When I was first approached to be basecamp for my initial thought was what could I do to change anything. However when I listened to what Dee was about to embark on, it wasn’t a question of should I get involved, it was how could I not. It is quite simple, we need to learn to co-exist with nature, and if we don’t do something about the wanton disregard of our planet – and do it fast – it will be too late. I for one want to be able to look my children and in time my grandchildren in the eyes and tell them that in my own way I tried to make a difference.

We need to stand up and be counted. Dee has opened my eyes. I hope that by her incredible strength and bravery she will have done the same to many others.

tamTamara Atkinson 

The gap between the worlds’ rich and poor has never been wider. Malnutrition, illiteracy, and political conflict are a daily reality for millions. The circle of destruction is perpetuated only by ourselves; and a true equality can only be realised once we begin to question and change our own systems of governance. I am among the lucky few in this world who are able to freely access education, technology and healthcare which is a truth I am unwilling to accept. I am passionate about the rights of every individual to freedom from want and need; to have the ability to achieve whatever they want to achieve. The current destruction of our Earth is inherently linked to the destruction of ourselves. The UN declaration of Human Rights safeguards individual freedom and holds to account those who act to violate those rights. Regardless of political association, it is only logical for the rights of the Earth to be secured and protected against destruction through an International Law against Ecocide. I try to not be too much of a realist, but if we do not act now I do not foresee a world where I would want to bring my children into. The Earth Rights Walk speaks to me on a personal, political and spiritual level and I plan to contribute my energy to help to bring about the eradication of ecocide.

Tamara is currently based in Birmingham, UK, where she studies Sociology and International Relations at Aston University.

photo (41)Arianne Atkinson

I have chosen to be involved in the Earth Rights Walker movement simply because it matters. Up until a year ago I didn’t care much for Earth Rights or the implementation of the law of Ecocide. Since learning more about Ecocide and seeing Dee Kyne, my mother, courageously step up and try and implement change I have realised that I cannot simply wave her off but instead I choose to be involved and help any way I can. The Earth is all we have and I am not willing to watch us slowly destroy it for profit and mindless stupidity. I am currently a student of Criminology and would love to see Ecocide become a crime against humanity.

Arianne is based in Amsterdam.