In every deliberation, we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations. – Iroquois proverb

erw deHello my name is Dee. I have for many years worked at the forefront of social change in health, the arts and the environment both on a professional level and with a deep passion on the personal level. This is an invitation for you to become part of the ‘game changing’ movement that is/known as earthrightswalker- contributing to the work, love and energy of so many good people around the world.

The beginning of this movement started for me in June 2012 as I was sat listening to Louise from Eradicating Ecocide talk about our environment and planet. As a passionate environmentalist, gardener and beekeeper nature has always been in my heart. But on this day, sat in this wonderful conversation, I felt as if a bucket of cold water had been thrown over me! I sat and thought deeply about the generations who would follow me, about my four beautiful children and the extended children in my life and my many loved nephews and nieces. I started to consider what legacy I would be leaving: was what I was doing in my work making enough impact? Should I continue working, earning and getting wealth? Or do I hold a different kind of power that I can use to make a difference in a completely different way? I sat and looked at the power that I hold right now in my life; the connections, friends, colleagues I have built all over the world. I considered my health, my energy, my great job and the people of influence I know and love. I thought what can I do with all of this to help the paradigms shift.

So here I am getting up and starting an adventure to walk and talk my way across our beautiful world. I will be gathering stories and signatures, meeting with local communities and organisations, collaborating ideas and experiences to bring in what I consider to be a ‘Game Changing’ law to End Ecocide and safeguard the rights of the Earth. Earthrightswalker is not about me, it’s about us! If any of this resonates with you then become an earthrightswalker and walk along side me; start a walk in your City or Country and of course sign the petition to End Ecocide! Let us get up and do what moves us from our hearts. It is about cooperation and intent.

I will begin my walk on 26th April, walking the 780km ancient Camino de Santiago de Compostela in Northern Spain. Follow our website, twitter and Facebook pages for updates on this amazing journey and I look forward to walking and collaborating with you all!

Earth Law
Making ecocide a crime sits at the heart of an emerging body of law called Earth Law.  Earth law puts people and planet first and ensures the well being of the whole Earth community.  Earth Law recognises that the Earth is the source of laws, which govern life. It recognises that the Earth has natural limits and boundaries and laws, which we must comply with, for the well-being of the whole Earth Community and future generations.

There is a growing network called the Earth Law network , which is made up of a number of organisations, communities, individuals, and alliances working towards advocating and practicing Earth Law.   This includes The Gaia Foundation, African Biodiversity Network, Wild Law UK, the Global Alliance for Rights of Nature, and many more.

The intention- to bring in a 5th law against peace called a law of Ecocide to sit alongside the other 4 laws against peace.

 The impact of this law will be that those who unnecessarily exploit natural resources at the cost of the environment.. will be held accountable and responsible to the wider communities in which they operate and live. This is a law that can encourage ‘right action’. It is not against development or progress, but about delivering good business and sustainable progress for those who follow us.

This is a walk, a journey, a Yatra, a pilgrimage that is about gathering signatures for End Ecocide in Europe, having conversations with people, capturing the stories and understanding the feelings of those who share their stories. Contributing to an ever-growing base of evidence for humanity, convincing the 121 governments who have signed up to the Rome Statute around the world that this law is needed and that better stewardship of our home and our planet is required NOW!

This is a movement that is powered by people, capturing a mood for change and taking real and tangible action. Inspiring hope in the youth of today and ensuring that the young do take action.