Return to Sweden

When walking with intention, opportunities present themselves like the process of cooking slow food. People show up as the ingredients to a fine meal, each playing their part in the process of the great flavour of connection, one at a time and taste by taste. When looked at from a distance the whole is quite a splendid a feast.

There is a shift in the world. As I walk every day I find people who want to see real change from doctors to plumbers and teachers to singers. People feel the shift in the ether. Some say it is inevitable. I am now convinced that we are living through a time of shift. No longer is the system as we know it fit for purpose, it is now dying and fighting for survival but like all historical periods in history this is now a turning point we will not go back to where we were before the financial crash.

Sweden has been a joy and an energy worth connecting to. So many people are asleep but so many also awake. When the Swedish are awake they are truly awesome. Hence the big social movements of the seventies. This now needs to happen for the 21st Century.

Spending time plotting the future of many things both in the Transition movement, (Transition Towns (also known as transition network or transition movement) is a grassroots network of communities that are working to build resilience in response to peak oil, climate destruction, and economic instability.

Transition Towns is a brand for these environmental and social movements “founded (in part) upon the principles of permaculture”, based originally on Bill Mollison’s influential Permaculture, a Designers Manual published in 1988.The Transition Towns brand of permaculture uses David Holmgren’s 2003 book, Permaculture: Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability. These techniques were included in a student project overseen by permaculture teacher Rob Hopkins at the Kinsale Further Education College in Ireland. The term transition town was coined by Louise Rooney and Catherine Dunne. Following its start in Kinsale, Ireland it then spread to Totnes, England where Rob Hopkins and Naresh Giangrande developed the concept during 2005 and 2006. The aim of this community project is to equip communities for the dual challenges of climate change and peak oil. The Transition Towns movement is an example of socioeconomic localisation. In 2007, the UK-based charity Transition Network was founded to disseminate the concept of transition and support communities around the world as they adopted the transition model.

The connecting of people and thoughts right at this time is powerful and we are learning that with little resources much is achievable, it is all dependent on group intention.

Gaia Living Learning Centre founded by Anders Tivell and Martha Thernsjö, is coordinating a very powerful ‘mock ecocide’ trial to protect the waters or the splendid Lake Vettern working with many good people to ensure that no longer can the government give permission to pollute the waters of this Great Lake.

In Uppsala I met two wonderful Nuns who have never given up the fight for justice and doing the right thing. One who is right now 86 hoping she will live long enough to get an Eco village up and running! She told me she only needs another ten years! And she will probably get it.

The extraordinary people of Tokalynga welcomed me, where Theatre Albatross has been based for the past 30 years, telling the stories of community and the earth, fighting for justice and creating thinking with children and schools. Theatre Albatross keeps alive different ways of being and connecting through storytelling, spectacle and fun connecting to nature and politics. For the experience of all the good and great people I have met in both Finland, Sweden, Portugal and Spain I thank you all too many to name here but such kindness and learning. If we few achieve our dreams we will change the world if we connect to the others like us who are doing the same there will be real hope for the generations who follow us. I hope as time passes we will get all the stories up on the website to create a much greater matrix – adding to the power of our increasing connection.